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Risky Business

Automotive professionals have serious concerns about cyber security in their organisations and in connected vehicles, according to a surveyData breaches from online hackers make the headlines regularly – with latest household names such as Mumsnet, Eurostar, British Airways and the Conservative Party all forced to take action to protect customers and users.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that automotive professionals have major concerns over the security of automotive technologies.

According to a report published in February, which questioned manufacturers, suppliers and service providers, 73% were worried about the cyber security of tech provided by third parties. Less than half say their organisation sets out cybersecurity requirements for products provided by suppliers. With retailers and OEMs relying on a host of suppliers, and relinquishing some cyber security to third parties, industry professionals are right to be worried. 

The study found that 84% were concerned that cybersecurity practices in their workplaces were not keeping up with evolving technologies. Almost a third did not have a focused or specialist cybersecurity programme or team, while 63% test less than half of the automotive technology they develop for security vulnerabilities.

Both budget and human resources to tackle cybersecurity were highlighted as issues with half saying their organisations did not have enough funds or skills in cybersecurity for product development. And less than half of organisations test their products for security vulnerabilities with 71% saying pressure from product deadlines was a central factor resulting in security vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, lack of education and training for developers on secure coding methods was an issue.

Our commitment to implementing the highest cyber security levels and safeguarding personal data has always been at the heart of our operation. Robust systems already protect retailer and manufacturer customer information flowing through our platform. However, we also set ourselves the ambitious task of achieving ISO27001 and were rewarded with the certification last summer.

ISO27001 is the international standard for cyber security. The accreditation focuses on technical solutions for data protection and how information is processed, stored and used. As such all our apps meet the stringent security standards set out in ISO27001 and are GDPR compliant.

We set the bar high for our cybersecurity and, in turn, that protects us and our manufacturer and dealer partners. We are confident that our systems, backed up by our ISO27001 accreditation, are as rigorous as possible. 

Based on a global survey conducted by Ponemon Institute, the report – Securing the Modern Vehicle: A Study of Automotive Industry Cybersecurity Practices – has been compiled by Synopsys and SAE International Release.