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CitNOW Awards Special

Welcome to our Awards Special Newsletter, we’ve focused on our winners to give you even more insights on how to best use video in your business. There are some great ideas on new and inventive ways to use video and details on why our winners stood out.

See what our judges thought

Our panel of judges consisted of some of the top names in the automotive sector including Steve Nash, CEO of IMI, and Automotive Management magazine’s head of digital and associate editor Jeremy Bennett.

With both Jeremy and Steve being two of our long-standing judges, they commented on the huge leap in quality with Jeremy pointing out that what was innovative in the first two years of our awards is now the norm.

Our judges sum up their views here which underlines video’s role in all aspects of automotive retail.

A record 948 personalised videos were submitted, the shortlisted videos can be viewed hereSome of our judging panel’s full comments can be viewed below.

Steve Nash, CEO, IMI

Jeremy Bennett, Head of Digital and Associate Editor, AM

Sabina Hegarty, Managing Director, Calibre Group Solutions


Want to be apart of the 2019 CitNOW Video Awards?

We’re already taking submissions for next year so if you’ve seen a video from a team member or you think you’ve put something special together yourself, don’t leave it until next year, send it to us now. There’s no limit on entries from either businesses or individuals so even if you think you produce something better later in the year, you can still send it to us. Entries can be submitted either through our awards website or through the Dashboard.