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CitNOW Digital Spotlight Awards 2021 – Most Creative Video Winner

Miguel Edie, Mercedes-Benz of Leicester

Prospecting can be one of the more challenging tasks in sales . As you know, it requires a balance of providing enough of a reason for the prospective customer to take the next step without them feeling pressured or pushed. In his award-winning video, Miguel Edie has struck that balance perfectly.

The video was sent in an attempt to seize upon the unique situation of the high demand for used car stock. Miguel sent the video to existing customers to suggest selling or part exchanging their current vehicle, and perfectly positions the video with a friendly but proactive approach. Miguel uses light, accessible language to clearly explain the state of the marketplace, and help the customer understand the opportunity available to them.

The video is short, succinct, well presented and ticks all the boxes in what it’s trying to achieve.

“This is an excellent example of video being used creatively to prospect existing customers. With such a friendly and upbeat opening, you can’t help but watch to the end. Miguel addresses a very real challenge the industry is experiencing at present around used car stock, and clearly explains why he is reaching out and how the customer could benefit. We really enjoyed watching this video, Miguel: well done!”

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