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CitNOW Digital Spotlight Awards 2021 – Highly Commended Best VHC Video

Joe Peacock, Dick Lovett Bristol BMW

One of the reasons we picked out Joe Peacock’s vehicle health check video for highly commended is summed up in the comments that were left by the owner of the car in question: “Best video presentation by a BMW engineer and I have had many over the years. Very clear and concise. Well done.”

Joe takes a balanced approach of highlighting the seriousness of the repairs and work needed to the car, without being too forceful. While highlighting that the tyres on the car are illegal, meaning the car can’t be driven away, he repeatedly uses terms like ‘I recommend’ to build trust and credibility without sounding like he’s giving a hard sell.

Joe also does a good job of referencing the services available to the customer, such as the body shop, and as well as using the customer name, asks for a rating at the end. That the customer gave the video five stars, despite the issues on his car requiring attention, proves that Joe got his approach right.