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CitNOW Digital Spotlight Awards 2021 – Best Vehicle Showcase Video Winner

Jessica Richardson, Sytner BMW Nottingham

Jessica Richardson has won our Best Vehicle Showcase Video award for delivering the complete package in this winning video.

Everything you would want to see in a walkaround video is there: a friendly and engaging introduction, clear language that puts the car in a positive but honest light, professional delivery, and good camera work combined with the use of Multipart for a slick look.

The video is relatively long for a recording of this type, but it strikes the right balance of delivering a good level of detail to the customer while keeping them engaged and interested throughout. She signs off the video with a strong CTA that invites the customer to get in touch and take the next step with a test drive.

”This is a classic CitNOW walkaround video executed brilliantly. We loved the language used to describe the features and benefits, and how Jessica put them into context for the customer. The camerawork is excellent and shows off the car to its full glory. Congratulations Jessica, we thoroughly enjoyed watching your video!”

View from the CitNOW panel