CitNOW Digital Spotlight Awards 2021 – Best Diagnostic Video Winner

Tom Rush, Listers BMW MINI Boston

Tom is a second-year apprentice whose video was discovered when some regular video spot-checks were taking place.

The vehicle had only come into the workshop for a recall, but Tom took the opportunity to undertake a comprehensive vehicle health check and provide all his findings in a video. Tom deploys an excellent level of camera work, alongside a personalised intro, and clear explanations of tyre wear, brake wear and an issue with a sensor.

But perhaps even more importantly, Tom uncovered a couple of issues with the car that the customer may not have been expecting and were not easy to spot in their own right. Tom made sure that the customer had no reason to be alarmed by using a friendly manner and reassuring language to put them at ease.

“This is an excellent example of using video in the workshop just as it’s intended: to highlight the work required in a transparent and credible way, and build that all-important trust with the customer. We were even more impressed that a second-year apprentice delivered such an excellent video. Well done, Tom!”

View from the CitNOW panel