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CitNOW Awards 2020 – Best Sales Winner

We’ve seen lots of excellent sales-focused videos recorded by our CitNOW customers this year, but one in particular really stood out. Our Best Sales CitNOW award winner for 2020 is Ashley Debell at Waylands Volvo Reading in Berkshire.

Ashley’s video stood out because of its attention to detail across every important element, right from the very beginning, where he has parked the vehicle in plenty of space for him to work his way around it. His introduction combined enticing language with a knowledgeable introduction that encouraged the viewer to keep watching. After this, he goes into detail of the extras ‘packs’ that the model features, and makes sure close-up shots of specific highlights are included where needed.

As well as quality content, Ashley utilises all the technology at his disposal. His camera and presentation skills are excellent throughout and it’s clear that he put plenty of thought and planning into how the video would be produced. He also made use of CitNOW’s Multipart function for seamless transition between shots, helping him complete the look and feel of what is a highly professional video from start to finish.

But perhaps the most important measurement of this video’s success is that the customer loved the video and went through with the purchase. So congratulations to Ashley and to Waylands Volvo Reading for proving the worth of quality video in reaching out to prospective customers and turning their interest into sales.