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CitNOW Awards 2019 – Who were the winners?

In this blog we’re going to take a look at the winners from each award category and explore why the expert panel of judges felt they should take home the prize.

Held at the Hard Rock Hotel London, 2019’s Awards saw the very best of CitNOW’s video takers come together for a day celebration and recognition. But, after a record 1,676 entries, there could only be five winners. So who came out on top? And more importantly why did they stand out from the crowd?

Best Workshop Video

2019’s awards saw the highest number of Workshop videos to date, with a whopping 553 submissions. But it was Dave Wise’s video from Lookers Nissan Gateshead that came out victorious.

Workshop videos are all about creating trust between buyer and technician – and Dave’s video certainly does that.

Dave explains everything thoroughly, using visual aids where possible to give that extra level of reassurance to the customer. Whilst maintaining a clear and confident tone, Dave also avoids any technical jargon, helping the customer truly understand the work carried out to their car.

Workshop videos aren’t just about building trust, the judges note Dave’s subtle mention of winter tyres – making Dave’s video not just an opportunity to build trust, but a potential upsell too.

Best Sales Video

The best salespeople believe in what they sell. And it’s enthusiasm for the product that sets Myron Arnold’s video from Sytner Nottingham BMW apart. Myron passionately but informatively explores all of the features of the car, building a sense of excitement through an engaging tone and positive body language.

But whilst passion and enthusiasm get you so far, it’s still important to get the basics right. Myron’s video is a demonstration of automotive video best practice. He starts and ends the video facing the camera, holds the camera at car height and finishes with the perfect close.

A thoroughly well deserved win.

Best International Video

Testament to CitNOW’s global appeal, the International Video category had this year’s highest number of entries, with 650 submissions from across the globe.

But it was from Spain where 2019’s winner came. Marc Utches’s video from Autolica Tarragona showed a great level of energy and enthusiasm throughout.

It’s the humour that Marc is able to inject that gives this video it’s star appeal. Whilst remaining professional, Marc is able to make the viewer feel comfortable through his funny, relaxed and informal tone.

It’s not all fun and games though, Marc expertly introduces all of the car’s features and even addresses the customers price concerns, showing an excellent level of personalisation and attention to detail.

Most Creative Video

This year’s winner of Most Creative Video has called upon some of his celebrity friends to help him stand out from the crowd.

Craig Sturgeon from Ingram Ayr Skoda uses cardboard cut-outs and a good deal of witty humour to draw in customers to their VIP event. In a display of CitNOW’s multiple uses, Craig demonstrates several cars in one video – creating a wide appeal from a single piece of footage.

But whilst the footage is funny and engaging, all of the important information is delivered clearly and informatively. And with the perfect close to top things off, it’s no surprise that Craig took home the prize.

Overall Winner

All four of this year’s winners thoroughly deserved their recognition, but only one could take away the Overall Winner Award.

And for 2019 this went to Dave Wise from Lookers Nissan Gateshead for his extremely thorough, detailed and clear workshop video.

Congratulations Dave and thank you to all of this year’s entrants.

If you have a video that has what it takes to be the winner in 2020 then make sure to submit it today, entries for the 2020 CitNOW awards are now open.