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How to boost approvals for amber work

Norwich-based workshop Robinsons SKODA has seen approvals for amber work identified as part of the eVHC increase by more than two-fifths and labour hours upped by almost a fifth after introducing our Amber Follow-Up add-on tool to the workshop.

The impressive 86% increase in work approved shows that the difficulty converting amber work, usually forgotten by customers and often allowed to fall by the wayside by busy aftersales staff resulting in a host of missed opportunities, can be overcome.

Amber Follow-Up automatically schedules reminders when the work may have become more urgent.

Easy to use with fantastic results

Service advisors in-put a follow-up date when the amber work should be undertaken on the CitNOW Dashboard. As the date nears and the work is on the verge of flagging red, an email is automatically sent to the customer with the original eVHC video acting as a reminder.

Automating the reminder process has enabled Robinsons SKODA staff have saved time and secure more work which might otherwise have been missed or lost to other workshops, resulting in workshop labour hours increasing by 18%.

Amber Follow-Up is a comprehensive tool which:-

  • Makes the lives of workshop staff easier
  • Boosts workshop revenue
  • Maintains personal customer communications with the use of video
  • Keeps the service advisor details and the original workshop eVHC video in the email
  • Improves trust and transparency