Vehicle Vision Assist for Sales is evolving CitNOW Appraise!

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Autumn Release

Here is what we’re doing to deliver a better video toolkit

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Feature Summary

New features keeping you and your customers connected.

Comms Builder

Personal video, personalised

A new offer, a new model release, or maybe saying thank you. Comms Builder allows you to personalise your email and SMS messages so they say exactly what you want them to.

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Web Imaging

In-app professional photography

Zoom, lens swap, leveling, manual focus – We’ve built advanced photography techniques to make collecting consistently professional-grade images simple, quick and seamless. With a new slideshow feature too CitNOW Web helps makes your stock look better than ever.

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We’re live on Android

Available from the Google Play store, CitNOW’s app range is now live on a selection of Android devices. Here is our advice on the best Android devices for video and compatible with CitNOW’s app range.

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