Web improvements

In-app professional photography

What we’ve added

We’ve been working hard to optimise the quality of the images taken using the CitNOW Web app. We’ve combined the speed and ease of use of an app with professional photography features so you can take images that will beat a DSLR camera in a blind test, all from an app.

Zoom zoom

We’ve fixed image distortion when the camera is too close to the car. Adding a zoom function by double tapping the screen allows a image taker to stand back, zoom in, line up the wireframe and take a vastly improved image.

Zoom beforeBefore
Zoom improvedAfter

Levelling indicator

This helps to keep the device at the right angle and reduce image distortion when taking a picture.

Levelling Indicator icon

Focus, flash and exposure

You now have full control over the camera flash, focus point and exposure in the CitNOW app. This ensures you control what your device is focusing on and improves image quality by removing things like glare from the Dash or Steering Wheel.

Flash OnFlash On
Flash OffFlash Off

Hide the wireframe

If you are a CitNOW Web power user who doesn’t need the wireframes to take a great shot, you can now toggle them on and off.

Wireframe OffWireframe Off
Wireframe OnWireframe On


We’ve brought a bit of Hollywood to your still images. Slideshow automatically adds a series of panning and zooming effects to your pictures that shows your stock off at its best.

This is a feature available on request. To get this feature added to your Web subscription, get in touch.