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Workshops becoming more diverse as CitNOW study reveals bright future for industry

A study by CitNOW* has revealed that 61% of automotive professionals have seen an increase in the number of female workshop personnel over the last five years, alongside highlighting a changing skillset among workshop technicians.`
  • Nearly two thirds of automotive professionals have seen an increase in the number of female personnel in workshops
  • CitNOW study shows over three quarters of workshop professionals believe the automotive technician is valued and respected outside the industry
  • Workshop technician an attractive career path to the younger generation
  • Gavin White, Managing Director of Autotech Recruit, says industry needs to help develop wider expertise among aspiring technicians

The workshop pro also appears to be more widely valued as a career.  Over three quarters (77%) of workshop pros believe that the automotive technician is respected outside the industry.

With exciting new technologies hitting UK roads and workshops alike, there is a breadth of new opportunities for skilled technicians, making working in the industry an attractive proposition for a more diverse group.

Expertise with technology will be key for workshop technicians, with personalised video predicted to nearly triple in importance over the next five years**, just as more young and tech-savvy professionals join the industry.

CitNOW CEO, Alistair Horsburgh, said:

“With workshop technicians becoming more diverse, bringing with them a more modern skillset, the future of the industry looks bright.

Personalised video is now a key skill for technicians, often forming an integral part of workshop apprenticeships. Specialist training from the CitNOW Academy also helps develop this broader video-taking skillset among all workshop professionals to help engage the customer and build trust and transparency.”

Photo of Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW

Gavin White, Managing Director, Autotech Recruit said:

“As the workshop evolves, it is vital that vehicle technicians receive the relevant training to work with new technologies, like video, as having the experience will soon become a fundamental part of the recruitment process.

There is a collective responsibility for industry leaders to help develop this expertise among aspiring vehicle technicians, ensuring they fit the requirements of modern workshops, allowing them to maintain quality service levels and continue running successfully.”

The findings follow CitNOW’s ‘Workshop Professional of the Future’ report, which examines industry opinion on the developing skill set of workshop technicians in future. You can view and download the CitNOW Workshop Professional of the Future Report by visiting here.

CitNOW is active in 55 countries across Europe, Asia and the USA and works directly with 43 major car manufacturers globally.

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* CitNOW surveyed 100 automotive professionals about the future of the workshop.
** When asked what the most important skills for a workshop technician are, 7% of respondents said the ability to create personalised videos has been among the most important skills over the past ten years, while 19% predicted that it would be among the most important skills in the next five years.