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Record number of retailers used video in 2023, as customer watch rates soar  

  • More than 12.9 million CitNOW Sales and Workshop videos recorded in 2023
  • 24% more aftersales videos were sent compared to previous year
  • Workshop video watch rate up 17% year-on-year; sales viewing figures up 9%
  • 68% of amber work is approved in less than 30 minutes when using video

The use of video in automotive retailing and aftersales increased sharply last year, with CitNOW’s Sales and Workshop tools helping retailers create a record-breaking 12.9 million videos, up 7% on 2022. Retailers sent 9% more videos to consumers as part of the sales experience, while 24% more videos were shared as part of the aftersales process. 

The impact of using video in aftersales continues to grow too. Insight from RTC, part of CitNOW Group, reveals that 68% of amber aftersales work was authorised in less than 30 minutes of customers receiving a video in 2023. Its data also shows that using video to present a vehicle health check results in 10% more red work being converted on average, while tyre sales conversion rates increase by 32% and brakes and suspension work increases by 18%.  

Both CitNOW Sales and Workshop are available on the Salesforce AppExchange, enabling retailers to access the video functionality and reporting tool from within any of the Salesforce Automotive, Service or Sales Cloud apps. These integrations make the lives of retail staff easier, by streamlining sales and aftersales processes and increasing efficiency within the dealership, while making the customer experience more seamless too. 

“The latest video usage data shows that digital communications – and in particular personalised video – is now commonplace in automotive retailing,” comments Rab Fyfe, Group Director of Product at CitNOW Group. “We recently surpassed 80 million videos produced by retailers using our technology, with its popularity and effectiveness continuing to grow year on year. Consumers appreciate it too, proven by an average video rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

“Every point of communication in the digital journey can be supported by video, allowing retail teams to provide transparency in every interaction and build trust with their customers. We are continuing to evolve CitNOW Group’s product portfolio to support multiple customer touchpoints, including integrations with both Keyloop and Salesforce that enable information to be captured efficiently and easily shared across different digital platforms throughout the customer journey.”