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One in five motor industry pros put personalised video among most important skills for future technicians

One in five automotive sector professionals believe personalised video expertise will be among the most important skills for workshop technicians, according to the latest research from CitNOW.
  • One in five automotive industry professionals believe personalised video will be one of the most important skills for the future
  • Importance of personalised video will more than double over the next five years
  • Nearly a third of professionals identify a customer service and communication skills gap among technicians
  • CitNOW study follows launch of the ‘Workshop Professional of the Future’ report

The industry survey by CitNOW found that personalised video skills are becoming increasingly vital as the role of workshop professionals evolves.

The significance of personalised video is expected to more than double in the near future, with 19% of technicians predicting that it will be in the top three most important skills for a workshop professional in just five years.

While the industry believes personalised video is already a basic skill, with only 1 in 10 feeling that there is currently a skills gap with using video technology, 29% identify a skills gap in customer service and communication.

The research conducted by video expert CitNOW follows the launch of its ‘Workshop Professional of the Future’ report, examining the evolving role and skill set of workshop technicians.

Ollie Parsons, Head of Sales and Client Services, CitNOW, commented:

“With technology taking a greater role in workshops each day, the results provide robust evidence to support the fact personalised video is seen by the sector as a vital service, and that it must be part of technicians’ skills sets.

“Our latest report reveals some intriguing findings. With a large percentage seeing video presentation skills as among the most important in the years to come, the ability to communicate effectively is becoming fundamental.

“CitNOW provides not only the platform for the personalised video, but the training for staff to capitalise on the video skills they already have. It doesn’t have to be daunting as simple steps can make a huge difference.”

Photo of Ollie Parsons, Head of Sales and Client Services at CitNOW
You can view and download the CitNOW Workshop Professional of the Future Report here.