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Monthly Roundup – September 2022

This month, we’re focusing on how video can make a difference to the customer experience. After all, videos have huge power in informing customers, engaging their interest and supporting a smooth customer journey.

With interest in electric vehicles on the rise, video is proving especially helpful with sales efforts and covering all the information customers want about EV technology. Our latest blog is full of EV-specific tips you can apply to your videos.

At CitNOW, we love to see all the great videos you create. Don’t forget that if you’re struggling for inspiration, our Video Stars programme highlights some of the best examples of sales and workshop staff hitting the record button to deliver great experiences for their customers.

And if you or one of your colleagues has created a standout video, on the sales floor or in the workshop, why not put in a nomination for one of our Digital Spotlight Awards to celebrate the success!

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