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Automotive video secures overseas customers for prestige retailers in the UK

  • Independent prestige car retailer Maundrell reports boost in overseas custom after adopting CitNOW video technology
  • The Oxfordshire-based retailer uses video communication to initiate sales process
  • Two customers per month buy specialised vehicles on video alone

The Oxfordshire-based prestige independent car retailer Maundrell has secured a loyal stream of overseas buyers using CitNOW Sales app over the past year.

Maundrell adopted CitNOW in December 2016 to sell high-end vehicles and grow the dealership’s presence. Typically, Maundrell customers are non-walk through buyers who travel 70 miles on average, and now the business has the means to sell far and wide without customers ever visiting the showroom.

One of the most expensive cars sold recently, a Porsche 911 RS, was purchased by a Singapore-based customer solely based on the personalised video he received.

Since then, Maundrell has had a steady flow of overseas customers. Each month, one to two will buy purely on the basis of video alone.

Maundrell adopted CitNOW to give its remote customer base a more visual experience during the enquiry process and has used video to build meaningful conversations with the added benefit of them being ‘face-to-face’.

Steve Rogers, Co-Founder of Maundrell said: “By using video communications, we have been able to personalise the car buying experience for our discerning customers down to the finest details.

“This digital approach has helped us expand our reach beyond our site to some of the furthest corners of the globe, securing sales far beyond the showroom doorstep and generating a swift return on our initial investment.”

Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW commented: “The success that Maundrell has seen when selling cars overseas demonstrates how video can grow a retailer’s presence.

“By making a simple but brilliant change, they have been able to deliver an outstanding level of customer service while increasing sales and broadening reach.”