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Keeping you connected

We have been working closely with our markets around Europe who are much further into the COVID-19 outbreak than the UK, to identify trends and to see how we can support our customers in the UK best. What is clear is that the coming weeks will bring challenges for us all.

  • Service continues as normal
  • Have the capacity for increased video processing
  • ISO 27001 certification for business as usual
  • Customer Support continues at 01189 977740 or help@citnow.com weekdays 9am to 5.30pm

Video volume in the UK continues to grow as retailers move to becoming contactless, allowing communication to continue – remotely. This need is driving very high demand for our platform around all of our markets and fortunately our team is well versed in quickly delivering solutions on a global scale.

We are testing ideas on how to keep your customers informed of the precautions you are taking, how you can keep leads warm, all the way through to remote test drives. Our commitment to our customers is that as we develop these ideas and learn what works best, we will share them with you to help reduce the impact.

We’re here to help. Our Customer Support team continues to be at the end of the phone; 01189 977740, or email; help@citnow.com from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday (UK time).
We also have help articles and online learning in your CitNOW Dashboard and our weekly How2CitNOW series on YouTube.

Please watch out for our upcoming emails and website articles on how to effectively use personalised video in these ever-changing times.