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Introducing Seamless Workshop Video Functionality and Reporting with Salesforce Integration 

We’re always looking to develop the capabilities and efficiencies of our solutions, and are therefore delighted to announce that CitNOW Workshop is now available on the Salesforce App Exchange; building on the successful launch of CitNOW Sales in late 2022. This integration makes CitNOW Workshop video functionality and reporting accessible from within Salesforce Automotive Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud and furthers our ambition to make the lives of retailers easier. 

Retailers can now seamlessly monitor customer engagements, including eHVC videos created, watch notifications, video ratings, work quoted for and sold as well as historical vehicle activity. Technicians can also receive automatic alerts on CitNOW video watch notifications and work approvals, which will send the information straight to the retailer’s Salesforce application. 

The integration enables easy monitoring of workshop performance with data recorded in the Salesforce CRM, allowing managers to optimise personalised video use in their aftersales operations and create targeted follow-on marketing journeys through Marketing Cloud for increased conversions.  

In December 2022 CitNOW was one of the first automotive independent software vendors (ISVs) available on the Salesforce AppExchange with CitNOW Sales. This expanding collaboration promises to deliver a more efficient and engaging aftersales experience for customers and retailers alike. 

An active CitNOW Workshop Pro and Salesforce subscription is required to enable the integration. To find out more about our Salesforce integration and view a demo please get in touch.