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CitNOW update brings greater flexibility and efficiency to improve user experience

CitNOW has released its summer update, introducing several new features to its suite of apps to deliver greater flexibility and efficiency for automotive professionals and their customers.
  • Latest CitNOW update introduces new features to further enhance platform
  • Improvements to Web app add Android support, advanced quality control, and increased flexibility during asset capture
  • Seamless ‘Vehicle Collect’ feature developed based on user feedback, to elevate the customer experience

The imagery and video tech specialist has developed a host of improvements to its platform which aim to save time, enhance quality control and further improve the customer journey.

The tranche of updates includes a brand-new ‘Session Continuation’ feature, which gives retailers the ability to pause and resume the video-making process at any time, offering greater flexibility in busy dealership environments.


Colin Tinto, CTO of CitNOW, commented:

“We’re continually trying to enhance the CitNOW platform, whether it’s making uploading assets even more streamlined on Web app, or making the platform more user-friendly.

“With over a decade in the industry, we know that time is often at a premium for retailers, so making things as efficient, flexible and user friendly as possible is crucial, giving sales execs and technicians time to focus on their customers.”

Photo of Colin Tinto, CitNOW CTO

CitNOW’s Web app – which helps retailers capture and upload assets to easily produce high-quality online listings – has also received significant updates.

The update not only expanded Android compatibility with advanced Web app features – Android users can now capture high-quality 360-degree imagery and have greater flexibility when capturing web assets with Web Shotlist – but also improved control over asset quality.

With ‘Approve’, users can review vehicle assets in any order that suits them from within the CitNOW dashboard to deliver improved, streamlined quality control of their online listings.

Vehicle processing has been made more efficient too, with the new ‘ANPR/VIN Capture’ feature allowing retailers to automatically identify a vehicle by simply scanning the registration, VIN barcode, or QR code via the app – saving crucial dealer time.

Informed by feedback to help improve the customer journey, ‘Vehicle Collect’ for Workshop Plus has been introduced, which allows workshop customers to easily specify a collection time slot directly via their eVHC after a service.

For more information about CitNOW’s summer release visit here and to view the entire suite of apps visit here.