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CitNOW suspends all charges to support UK motor industry

As part of CitNOW’s commitment to supporting its customers and the industry, the company has announced that it will suspend monthly subscription charges for all of its products, until a point when the UK government allows car dealerships to re-open.
  • CitNOW will not charge its UK customers while the country is in lockdown
  • All dealerships and workshops will continue to have access to all subscription products and support services
  • CitNOW is helping retailers stay connected to their customers and maintain business-critical communications throughout the COVID-19 crisis

CitNOW has taken the unprecedented steps of offering a payment window to ensure its UK customer base of 4,000 retailers can remain in contact with any sales or service customers using its personalised video tool without incurring any costs. The removal of all charges is part of CitNOW’s commitment to play its part in ensuring the industry is in a strong position to recover when social distancing constraints are lifted.

Carol Fairchild, Chief Customer Officer at CitNOW, commented:

“Collectively our senior management team has over 500 years of experience in the industry, and never before have we experienced such a challenging situation, with self-isolation, social distancing and businesses at a standstill and unable to operate.

The car industry is our lives, so we feel the pain. This will be tough; but we also know that our industry is capable of fighting back. So, when the doors reopen, whenever that may be, we want to ensure that our industry colleagues and their systems are fit and ready to get the job done.

Photo of Carol Fairchild, CCO at CitNOW

The CitNOW Customer Support desk remains open, and our wider team is continuing to provide support to our customers over the coming months as we all work on developing a more contactless digital strategy in line with customers’ changing needs.”

Alistair Horsburgh, CEO of CitNOW, added:

“Our decision to suspend charging in the UK has not been taken lightly, and I would like to thank our team here at CitNOW who are making considerable sacrifices to allow us to support the industry we love during this crisis.

We are all working from home, staying safe, and we are here to help. We’re all in this together.”

Photo of Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW

CitNOW customers do not need to take any action – all monthly subscription charges for all CitNOW products are automatically suspended from the 1st of April 2020, until the UK Government allows businesses to reopen.

For more information about the payment window and how CitNOW is supporting the automotive retail industry, call 01189 977740 or email help@citnow.com.