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CitNOW, the leading digital communications specialist in automotive retailing, has announced the winners of its 2022 Digital Spotlight Awards. Now in its eighth year, it remains the only awards programme in the motor retail industry recognising creativity and best practice in video communications.
  • Digital Spotlight Awards celebrate most creative and effective use of personalised video in sales and aftersales customer communications
  • Winners include Fairfield BMW, Marshall Jaguar Land Rover Newbury, and Epsom Audi
  • The motor industry’s only dedicated digital communication awards

The industry’s best video stars were assessed in three categories: ‘Best Sales Video’, ‘Best Workshop Video’ and ‘Most Creative Video’. CitNOW’s panel of judges evaluated entries for how engaging they were, the breadth of information shared and the clarity with which each was delivered.

Claire Anderson at Fairfield BMW triumphed in the Best Sales Video category, with a video described by judges as “full of energy and enthusiasm.” Having carefully researched the vehicle in question, Claire delivered comprehensive details in an entertaining and informative way; a method that has resulted in her video securing a 4.8-star customer rating.

Winning Best Workshop Video was Kris Bell at Marshall Jaguar Land Rover Newbury, with judges highlighting his use of visual aids to explain issues and measurements in greater depth. Kris helped his customer understand the importance of maintenance and repair work by carefully explaining the consequences of not replacing parts in a timely manner.

Brook Oram from Epsom Audi received the award for Most Creative Video, with an entertaining and memorable piece inspired by Top Gear. Judges praised Brook’s enthusiasm and the degree of personalisation used when explaining the car’s features, all of which they felt maximised the chances of the customer returning to the dealership to complete the sale.

The three award categories have been designed to reflect the importance of digital communication tools across all dealership operations. A recent survey commissioned by CitNOW Group, found that almost half (43%) of consumers would be more likely to purchase a vehicle if they received a personalised video about it in response to their initial enquiry. Meanwhile, 41% of consumers say they would be more likely to approve repair work on their car online if they were sent a video of their vehicle that clearly showed the work required.

“Our research shows the growing importance of video in driving customer engagement and facilitating purchasing decisions, so it’s important we celebrate the individuals and dealerships who are using digital communication tools most effectively to deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

Carol Fairchild

Chief Customer Officer at CitNOW Group

To find out more about the winners and runners up in the CitNOW’s Digital Spotlight Awards visit https://digitalspotlight.citnow.com/winners/