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CitNOW launches Clarity powered by to revolutionise audio quality of dealership videos

CitNOW, the automotive industry’s leading digital communications specialist, has launched Clarity powered by, to transform the audio quality of videos created by retailers. The media processing capabilities of the platform enable CitNOW to be the first to introduce an audio enhancement that offers new standards for personalised sales and workshop videos, to improve the communications experience for customers.

  • Industry-first audio enhancement feature, ensures presenter clarity to boost the customer experience
  •, the new developer platform from Dolby Laboratories, provides technology that suppresses background noise to enhance audio quality of videos created in the dealership
  • Clarity is the latest in an ongoing series of product developments designed to improve digital customer communications

Using the latest media APIs from, Clarity reduces distracting background noises that can often be heard in videos filmed in workshop and forecourt environments. The new feature automatically optimises the audio levels of videos created in the CitNOW Sales and Workshop apps.

Clarity enhances the audio quality of CitNOW Sales videos, where sound quality can be affected by wind, passing road traffic, or general background noise when filming outside and in the showroom. Workshops can also be naturally noisy environments with tools, running engines and ramps contributing to background noise distractions. These can sometimes affect the overall video experience for the customer if they cannot hear the presenter clearly. Clarity helps to remove these background noises, making it easier for the viewer to hear the presenter. This ultimately improves the quality of the video and the experience for the customer.

Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW commented:

“We’re constantly listening to consumer feedback and exploring new ways to improve the customer experience. Our analysis showed that unavoidable background noise, common in many dealerships, can have an impact on the customer’s experience of their personalised video.”

“We’re excited to bring the magic of to help retailers create top quality CitNOW videos for their customers, even in loud environments. We expect this enhancement to boost CSI scores, with more effective videos increasing business opportunities for retailers.”

Photo of Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW

Commenting on Clarity after piloting the new feature, Amy Pringle, Ipswich Volkswagen, said:

“The improvement in the quality of our CitNOW videos with the new Clarity enhancement is outstanding. Workshops are naturally noisy environments, and having clear audio can make a huge difference to the customer. It has made the difference from barely being able to hear the technician in the video, to now hearing them as clear as a bell. A truly brilliant enhancement!’”

“Quality, fidelity, and intelligibility are key attributes that matter in video,” said Sripal Mehta, Sr Director, Media & Cloud Services, Dolby Laboratories. “We’re thrilled to be working with CitNOW to transform remote interactions into comfortable, convenient, high-quality experiences for their customers.”

Clarity is the latest in a series of product developments and partnerships with other service providers that will enable retailers to expand and improve the contactless customer experience. This cutting-edge enhancement, which is available as part of the PRO subscription tier, is being introduced at a time when demand for personalised video-enabled capabilities in dealership operations is at an all time time as vehicle retailers rate video as the most important ‘digital tool for dealership operations’ in 2020.

To find out more about Clarity, view a demonstration, or to register a workshop or dealership for CitNOW video services, click here.