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CitNOW Digital Spotlight Awards 2023

Rory Davis, Acorn Crewe Kia

The winner of the 2023 Digital Spotlight Award – Best Workshop Video goes to Rory Davis from Acorn Kia in Crewe. His video was chosen from an impressive 112 submissions in 2023 and 10 Star of the Month winners.

His exceptional video stood out for its clear explanations and effective use of visual tools. Rory proficiently introduced his customer to the traffic light system for vehicle inspections with a simple yet comprehensive visual explanation, ensuring clarity from the outset. Further enhancing the video’s value, the presenter seamlessly transitioned into recommendations for future maintenance, such as suggesting a tracking check during tyre replacements to address uneven wear.

The final section includes a request for feedback, demonstrating how to strike the perfect balance between informative content and being engaging and customer focused. Congratulations to Rory for his outstanding contribution to workshop video excellence, demonstrating the power of effective communication in the automotive industry.