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Boost in video consumption can help retailers fill the customer EV knowledge gap

Almost half of consumers (47%) say they don’t know enough about electric vehicles (EVs) to feel confident about buying one, according to new nationwide research commissioned by CitNOW, the motor industry’s leading digital communications specialist. This figure rises to almost two thirds for those over 50 (59%), while 57% of women state they don’t know enough about EVs.

  • 47% of consumers feel they don't know enough about EVs to feel confident about buying one
  • CitNOW data shows that not all retailers are confident their staff can fully explain key EV information to car buyers
  • Video can be an effective sales tool for educating consumers about EVs
  • Latest CitNOW report highlights how video output should be tailored for different customer demographics

The findings highlight the growing need to educate potential car buyers about the benefits of EVs, and data suggests video is fast becoming the optimal route. Customer watch rates for CitNOW videos have grown by 27%, year-on-year, during recent lockdowns.

“With the Government’s deadline for ending the sales of all new petrol and diesel cars less than nine years away, it’s vital that retailers are fully prepared to provide consumers with everything they need to know when considering an electric vehicle,” commented Carol Fairchild, Chief Customer Officer at CitNOW.

“Accelerated by the pandemic, video has become an essential part of the car buying journey, with consumers now more comfortable in using digital communications than ever before.

“With this momentum set to continue we are urging retailers to consider how they embrace pre-recorded and live video to educate their customers about the next era of motoring,” she added.

Photo of Carol Fairchild, CCO at CitNOW

When surveyed about what they need to know about EVs to boost buying confidence, 59% of car buyers said they require more information on battery range. CitNOW’s research also highlights recharging time (57%), EV running costs versus an equivalent petrol or diesel car (48%), charging advice (44%) and charge point installation (42%) as key EV-related concerns for motorists. Video provides a means to ensure communication to consumers regarding EVs is clear and of a consistent high quality.

Carol Fairchild added: “Our research highlighted that one in five retail staff believe their sales teams are not confident in selling EVs. The key now is for retailers to ensure all their staff are able to communicate effectively with consumers and address these common concerns about EVs. Our research shows that adapting video output according to customer demographics can boost sales conversions and drive greater loyalty. This could be crucial when it comes to understanding how best to engage with different customers in the right way, with the right level of information about EVs.”

To see more findings from CitNOW’s recent research survey, download CitNOW’s new report, Accelerating the Digital Customer Experience, by visiting CitNOW.com.