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CitNOW Digital Spotlight Awards 2022 – Best Sales Video Winner

Claire Anderson, Fairfield BMW

This year’s Best Sales Video winner has managed to tick all the boxes, and create a video that is engaging from beginning to end.

Firstly, Claire’s presentation approach is excellent: she’s full of energy, her delivery is bright and enthusiastic, and her detailed knowledge of the vehicle lets the customer know they’re in good hands. She covers the desirable features and optional extras in-depth, meaning the customer gets the fullest possible picture of the car they’re interested in buying.

Overall, this video is an interesting, inspiring watch, and at just under four minutes, it’s the right length to cover all the key points concisely. And the quality of this video is reflected in the figures that it generated: an average video watch rate of 77% and a rating of 4.8 stars are both excellent results that Claire’s attention to detail fully deserves.