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5 tips for jargon-free workshop videos

Driving credibility, customer satisfaction and loyalty is a key area for workshops looking to grow and flourish. Customers visiting your workshop for a service appointment will value an experience that’s transparent, customer friendly, and informative – so they understand and feel empowered to make a decision on any work required.

The importance of clear explanations

What you say and how you say it can help overcome customer objections, in turn helping you maximise potential revenue each time a new car comes in. In this blog, we look at how you can use video effectively, both visually and verbally, for five specific workshop scenarios in a way all customers will understand. The tips included can be used similarly across many other situations, to help you boost trust and clarity. Or, you can download the PDF version here.

The car’s tyre tread depth is at 2.6 mm.

Show clearly the tyre tread depth gauge using video to visually support your advice to the customer. Explain the legal limit, the percentage of wear, and the resulting issues from worn tyres to ensure the video is customer friendly and to provide better context.

What you could say

“I can see your tyre tread depth is at 2.6mm which is close to the legal tread wear limit of 1.6mm. This means your tyre is 85% worn which will affect your stopping distances, especially in wet weather, so I recommend we replace this tyre for you today. For safety reasons, we recommend replacement of tyres when they reach 3mm.”

The car’s brake discs are at 22mm and scored.

Visually show the brake disc measurement and damage with a video and a pointer to clearly show the affected area. Explain the minimum brake disc measurement for context. A torch or laser can be used in bad light to ensure customers can see the area.

What you could say

“Your brake discs measure 22mm which is at the recommended wear limit. As you can see from this video, the discs are also scored. I recommend we replace the discs today to ensure better braking performance.”

There is a dent in the right passenger side front wheel.

Show the issue in your video, including a look over the tyre for damage to visually show your examination, and explain further recommendations.

What you could say

“Whilst carrying out your health check I discovered a dent in your passenger side front wheel. The good news is that the tyre doesn't appear to be damaged, but as the alloy is beyond repair I recommend we replace that today and carry out a full steering and suspension alignment check to ensure there is no further damage.”

There are no issues detected with the car.

Multipart enables you to stop and start your video recording and works directly through your Workshop app. With Multipart, show the battery being tested, brake fluid measurement, and air conditioning temperature probe against the set temperature. Using Multipart to show these areas in succession allows you to promote additional services such as regassing and creates a more streamlined watch for your customer, to quickly understand the checks carried out. Visually showing items which pass your check helps to reassure your customer they are in good hands – plus they will always like to hear some good news.

What you could say

“I’m happy to confirm there are no issues with your car today but I wanted to show you a few of the areas I have checked. I’ve checked your battery today, which you can see is fine when tested. Next, your air conditioning. As you can see, the readout on the temperature probe is lower than the car display, so I would advise that we service this for you today. Lastly, I’ve measured the moisture content in your brake fluid which is measuring within the recommended levels so that’s fine too.

There is wear to the car’s constant velocity joint.

When explaining an issue verbally during your video, there are three useful areas to cover to ensure you provide a good description and explanation of any work required. Firstly the issue itself and what you discovered during the check. Secondly the cause – how the issue appears to have happened. And lastly what repair will need to be carried out.

What you could say

“I’ve detected excessive movement in your constant velocity joint which looks to have been caused by the split in the cover you can see here. Grease has escaped and water has entered causing the joint to wear. Constant velocity joints play a part in vehicle movement so you may have noticed a noise when turning. We will need to replace both the cover and the joint to avoid any further damage.”

By ensuring the issues and work required to a customer’s vehicle are explained in very simple to understand language in the video by the technician, the service advisor’s recommendations to the customer are validated and visually backed up by the expert. What’s more, if using our Amber Follow-up tool to schedule a resend of the video in the future detailing any Amber work still outstanding, the customer will be reminded of exactly what was recommended and why. This saves a future call for the service advisor, as well as ensures the customer is fully informed.

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