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Workshop Star of the Month – October 2023

Arnold Clark Kendal Vauxhall – Rueben Kane

One thing that distinguishes great workshop videos from the rest is when the pace of them is a little slower, so that the viewer has time to digest the information they’re being presented with. We’ve seen a superb example of this from our Workshop Star of the Month for October, Rueben Kane of Arnold Clark Kendal Vauxhall.

Rueben takes things steady throughout the video, with a good use of gauges to detail brake and tyre wear. There are also thorough explanations of everything else that has been checked, including bulbs, washer jets and wipers, fluids, screenwash and registration plates.

These explanations are combined with excellent camerawork, with a good shot of the front of the car, and close-ups as and when required. The video closes with clear details about what the customer can expect next regarding the recall, ending a recording that has been nominated as an outstanding example of a workshop video. Keep it up Rueben!