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Workshop Star of the Month – March 2023

Dick Lovett MINI Hungerford – Harry Chilvers

At CitNOW, we always look for great workshop videos that are easy for anyone to follow, and remove any jargon, confusion or complication from a vehicle health check. That’s exactly what’s been achieved by our Workshop Star of the Month for March, Harry Chilvers of Dick Lovett MINI Hungerford.

Harry’s use of tools is excellent, not only measuring and displaying the tyre tread depth readings, but also putting them into context by explaining the legal minimum limit. He goes on to check over the rest of the car, making it clear which items are road-safe and categorised as green, as well as pointing out those that may need attention in the future.

Thanks to a video that can be understood, regardless of automotive expertise, the customer is left in no doubt as to the condition of their car. This makes it more likely that they’ll feel confident to go ahead with any repairs if necessary. Well done, Harry!