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Workshop Star of the Month – June 2022

Sytner BMW High Wycombe

When a customer finds out that there’s something wrong with their car, a cool head in the workshop who can calmly and clearly explain the issue can help reduce any stress or anxiety. Luke at Sytner BMW has achieved exactly that in one of his workshop videos, and that’s why we’ve named him our Workshop Star of the Month for June.

The car in question has a coolant leak and Luke does a great job of highlighting the area involved, as well as explaining other advisories and abnormalities. He also makes good use of the measurement tools at his disposal, with a clear view of the tread measurements on all four tyres, comparing them to what they would normally be when the tyre is new. He also records good close-up shots on different areas inspected on the underside of the car.

The whole video leaves the customer in no doubt as to the issue with the car, and how to fix it. Well done, Luke!