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Workshop Star of the Month – July 2022

Acorn Kia Crewe – Nigel Oakes

It’s always nice to receive good news, which is why it’s important to keep customers informed after a vehicle health check, even if no issues have been found. A great example of this is displayed by our July Workshop Star of the Month, Nigel Oakes of Acorn Kia Crewe.

Nigel starts the video with an extremely friendly opening, introducing himself and the dealership to the viewer. He then explains the workshop’s traffic light system, allowing the customer to understand his commentary throughout the rest of the video as he delivers an in-depth inspection of the suspension and underside.

His easy to follow checklist and clear measurements of both the tyre depth and brake pads gives the customer confidence that their vehicle is safe and compliant, as he then closes the video with the same degree of friendliness that he opened with. Great work, Nigel!