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Workshop Star of the Month – January 2023

Porsche Centre Portsmouth – Jon Williams

The best workshop videos combine information about a vehicle’s condition with reassurance for the customer that there is nothing to worry about. We’ve seen a great example of this from Jon Williams at Porsche Centre Portsmouth, which is why we’ve picked him as our Workshop Star of the Month for January.

Clear and friendly throughout the video, Jon does an excellent job of keeping the camera still, so that the customer can get a close look at the various components on their car. This proves especially important towards the end of the video when he focuses on a nail that has penetrated the rear-left tyre. His explanation that Porsche’s policy is to replace rather than repair the tyre, clears up any uncertainty that the customer might have.

Jon also provides a good overview of green items throughout, along with clear tyre measurements and mentions of the legal tread limits. Well done, Jon, for creating a video that’s clear, concise and confident.