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Workshop Star of the Month – December 2022

Bristol Street Motors Peugeot – Bryan Robinson

Even when a customer’s car is in good condition, reassurance that it is in perfect working order is still extremely valuable. Bryan Robinson of Bristol Street Motors Peugeot has demonstrated this excellently, making him our Workshop Star of the Month for December.

The car in question has gained green ratings on the traffic light system throughout, meaning that no remedial work is required. But Bryan is still thorough and diligent in going through all the different aspects of the health check: he uses the measuring tools well, especially to display the level of wear on the brake pads. His tyre tread readings are put into the context of the legal limit, and his explanation of the coolant measurement under the bonnet adds extra detail.

The video also benefits from clear audio and a lack of background noise – something that the Clarity feature can help with in even the loudest workshop environments. Overall, the video leaves the customer in no doubt that their car has been given close attention, and that no stone has been left unturned in confirming its condition. Great job, Bryan!