Workshop Star of the Month – December 2023

Acorn Burntwood Kia – Richard Evans

Clarity is vital in a workshop video, and that doesn’t just mean communicating information: the setting of a video is just as important. To see the difference this can make in practice, have a look at this clip from our Workshop Star of the Month for December, Richard Evans of Acorn Burntwood Kia.

One of the most noticeable things about this video is that there is no background noise. Many workshop videos suffer from being filmed in a busy, noisy workshop, but Richard has made sure that he recorded this video at a quieter time, so the customer could understand everything easily. The video runs at an excellent pace, with a very clear explanation of the traffic light system for work required, and good use of visual aids like the tyre tread depth gauge to help the customer further.

Richard also speaks clearly and avoids the use of any automotive jargon, meaning that the video can be digested by anyone, irrespective of their mechanical expertise. Well done, Richard, for delivering a workshop video that is simple, clear and accessible to all.