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Workshop Star of the Month – August 2023

TrustFord Alperton – Dwight Best

When customers want reassurance that their vehicle is in good hands, the little flourishes and personal touches within a workshop video can make all the difference. That’s exactly what we’ve seen from our Workshop Star of the Month for August, Dwight Best of TrustFord Alperton.

Dwight starts the video perfectly, showing the number plate of the vehicle in question, and introducing both himself and the dealership. His voice is clear and audible as he explains the work and any areas where attention is required, and he uses visual aids such as the tread depth and brake wear gauges really well. He’s also made sure that any close-ups are well-lit so that all parts can be clearly seen, and he finishes with a call to action explaining that the service advisor will be in touch.

Overall, it’s a video that’s had a lot of thought put into it, is easy for the viewer to understand, and moves along at a positive, energetic pace. Great job, Dwight!