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Workshop Star of the Month – August 2022

Inchcape Volkswagen Telford – Richard Dainty

When a customer has an issue with their car, they generally want clear and concise information that helps them understand the problem, even if they aren’t an expert. Workshop videos can be incredibly helpful in visualising issues when they arise, and we’ve found an excellent example from our Workshop Star of the Month for August, Richard Dainty from Inchcape Volkswagen in Telford.

At the start of the video, Richard firstly mentions the smearing of the wiper blades, where he recommends the purchase of a new set. He then goes on to focus the camera on some delamination of the front number plate: not an issue that would automatically be thought of, but still an important one to address. Richard also highlights the level of wear on the brake pads relative to new pads, using the colour-coded tool well, and identifies red work that needs urgent attention on the rear pads.

Overall, the video is very clear, easy to follow, and combines excellent camerawork, good descriptions and the use of visual aids such as measuring tools, to give the customer the perfect picture of their car’s condition. Well done, Richard!