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Workshop Star of the Month – April 2023

Acorn Kia Crewe – Rory Davis

The key basics to a good workshop video are clear explanations and good use of visual tools. But to make a good video a great one, this should be combined with the expertise of the staff member recording it. That’s exactly what we’ve seen from our Workshop Star of the Month for April, Rory Davis of Acorn Kia Crewe.

The inspection of the vehicle involved has uncovered a number of items rated as ‘amber’ under the traffic light system. Not only does Rory start the video with a simple visual explanation of how the system works, but he goes on to suggest work that may be required in the near future, such as recommending they have their tracking checked when changing the tyres due to the uneven wear.

He brings the video to a positive end by asking the customer for a star rating, completing a video that strikes the right balance between being informative yet easy to follow. Well done, Rory!