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Workshop Star of the Month – April 2022

SMC Ford Crayford – Paul Pipson

Putting information and measurements into context is a vital part of any good vehicle health check video. We’ve seen a great example of this from our Workshop Star of the Month for April, Paul Pipson of SMC Ford Crayford.

Paul starts by working his way around the tyres, measuring the depth, and explaining the results against the legally required minimum. He also does the same for the brake disc check, helping the customer understand whether or not remedial work is needed, and how likely it will be needed in the near future.

Paul puts all the information in the video in really simple language, and his delivery is steady enough that anyone will be able to follow the video easily. His camerawork is good, too, taking time to get measurement tools in focus and highlighting the suspension well. Congratulations, Paul, for ticking all the boxes of a great VHC video!