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Workshop Star of the Month – October 2021

Specialist Cars BMW Tring – Phil Barret

At a time when customers increasingly expect transparency and fairness with all retailers and services they deal with, honesty is always the best policy. That’s something that’s been achieved by the winner of our Workshop Star of the Month award for October, Phil Barret of Specialist Cars BMW Tring in Hertfordshire.

Phil’s able to get straight into the tyre depth measurement, without wasting any of the customer’s time, as he has the car and his tools prepared and ready to go before he hits the record button. His combination of accessible language and clear demonstrations of the measurements being taken is excellent, but more importantly, he’s able to clearly show a buckle in one of the wheels that may need the customer’s attention.

The video ends with a reminder for the customer that the visual health check is only part of the process, and that one of Phil’s colleagues will be in touch to discuss MOT arrangements. Well done, Phil, for making detailed information about a car’s condition as easy as possible for the customer to understand.