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Workshop Star of the Month – November 2021

Dick Lovett Bristol BMW – Nathan Poyner

At CitNOW, we’re constantly impressed by the initiative and creativity that workshop technicians show in connecting with customers who may need extra help. But our Workshop Star of the Month, Nathan Poyner of Dick Lovett Bristol BMW, has truly excelled himself.

Nathan was recording a post-service video for a customer who is deaf, and so before the video started, he created written explanations for all the information the customer needed and attached them to the relevant areas of the car. This included tyre and brake measurements, whether or not any action was required by the customer, and details on upcoming servicing needs. Then it was simply a case of working his way around the car with his camera, and closing in on each message in turn.

This attention to detail ensured that the customer got the full experience that a customer who can hear would have got, giving them reassurance that they can use the same dealership again in the future. Well done, Nathan, for a video that explains everything without a single spoken word!