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Workshop Star of the Month – May 2021

Listers SEAT Coventry – Paul Gibbins

A good workshop video requires technical information to be delivered clearly and in language that any customer can understand. But that doesn’t mean that the video can’t be engaging and fun at the same time, as our Workshop Star of the Month winner for May demonstrates.

This video from Paul Gibbins at Listers SEAT Coventry in Warwickshire is presented in a friendly and engaging way that will help to keep the customer’s focus and attention. He also removes any risk of ambiguity by pointing out specific suspension components rather than just recording the area and mentioning them.

Paul’s video doesn’t trade off entertainment for information: there are still plenty of insights present, including how the tread depths on the car measure up against the UK legal limit. And he remembers to take the opportunity for positive customer feedback by asking the customer to rate the video at the end.

Well done, Paul: it’s a perfect combination of information, great tone and customer service.