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Workshop Star of the Month – July 2021

Bristol Street Hyundai Nottingham – Kophi Gore

While workshop videos are relatively straightforward to make when a car is in good condition, helping the customer make sense of things that have gone wrong is where they really come into their own. That’s something that’s been achieved superbly by the winner of our Workshop Star of the Month award for July, Kophi Gore of Bristol Street Hyundai in Nottingham.

The car being inspected was found to have a coolant leak, which Kophi was able to show with a visual close-up, along with an accompanying explanation that it would count as red on the traffic-light grading system. The tyre depth readings were clear and gave reference to the legal limits of the tread depth, while he also covered the condition of the suspension with clarity.

The video is signed off with a simple, concise call-to-action that lets the customer know that a service advisor will be in touch to discuss the required repairs. Congratulations, Kophi, for delivering all the information a customer needs with clarity and professionalism.