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Workshop Star of the Month – January 2022

Drive Motor Retail Bury St Edmunds – Dan Horne

We see great examples of clear, concise vehicle health check videos all the time. But where workshop video creators really stand out is where they apply the same principles of clarity to a specific issue. That’s exactly what we’ve seen from our Workshop Star of the Month for January, Dan Horne at Drive Motor Retail Bury St Edmunds.

The car in question had a rubbing door, Dan does an excellent job in showing the customer the area of concern, and explaining the background to the situation in language that any viewer would be able to understand. Throughout the video, Dan’s tone is confident and relaxed, putting the customer at ease, he accompanies this with a good vehicle health check and with a close and clear look at tyres, brakes and suspension.

All in all, the customer has likely brought their car in not only for repair, but also for reassurance that their car is in good hands. In this video, Dan ticks both of those boxes emphatically.

Well done, Dan!