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Workshop Star of the Month – January 2021

Vertu Volkswagen Mansfield – Callum Cordon

The best workshop videos we come across at CitNOW are those where technicians combine visuals, measurements and their own expertise to give customers a full picture of the health of their vehicle. This month’s Workshop Star of the Month winner, Callum Cordon at Vertu Volkswagen Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, demonstrates this perfectly.

As well as ensuring the customer can see the readings of his instrumentation, Callum goes the extra mile in ensuring the customer understands the information, including comparing the corroded brake discs on the car with a new one. Callum also delves into deep technical information but without using technical jargon, giving a clear explanation of the car’s rear differential and why he recommends the customer book an oil change in the near future.

His presentation style is of a very credible and knowledgeable technician, which can help him build trust with the customer and inspire confidence that their vehicle is in good hands. Well done Callum for putting in the effort to deliver a customer experience that’s informative in every way.