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Workshop Star of the Month – February 2022

TrustFord Dagenham – Nigel Harrypersad

Not every customer knows the technical ins and outs of their vehicle, which is why simple and clear explanations are so important in workshop videos. We’ve seen a great example of this from our Workshop Star of the Month for February, Nigel Harrypersad from TrustFord Dagenham.

As well as using the tyre gauge to measure tread depth, he backs this up with an explanation of what the legal minimum is and what the tread would have been when the tyres were new. He does the same with the brake pads, and ensures the customer knows that they are marked green within the traffic-light system.

Nigel finishes off the video with a clear call to action for the customer, letting them know that a service advisor will be in touch. Well done, Nigel, for creating a video that does the job for the customer, whatever their level of expertise.