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Workshop Star of the Month – December 2021

Mercedes-Benz of Cheshire Oaks – Cameron Madeley

Giving clear information when running through the results of a vehicle health check is important. But it’s perhaps more important to put that information in the context of the driver’s day-to-day activities. That’s exactly what we’ve seen from our Workshop Star of the Month for December, Cameron Madeley from Mercedes-Benz of Cheshire Oaks.

The video starts with a graphic intro that explains the traffic-light system employed, so the viewer knows what to expect right from the start. Cameron then goes into the readings and measurements of the tyres and brakes, but explains why the wear on the tyres may cause a hazard on the wet and icy roads at this time of year.

Later in the video, Cameron demonstrates good camerawork in getting close-ups of the brakes and particularly the suspension, and he finishes off the video with a clear CTA about further contact from his colleague. Congratulations, Cameron!