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Take control: group-level video reports now live

We know how important it is to understand exactly how well your videos are performing and resonating with customers. That’s why we’ve been working hard to speed up and simplify how you’re able to access your Video Details reports.

In particular, we wanted to cut out the lead time in delivering collated reports from individual dealerships that give an overview of video performance at group level. To achieve this, we’re delighted to say that we’ve just rolled out a new ‘Video Details for Groups’ report into the CitNOW dashboard.

Ultimately, this puts you in full control of creating group-wide reporting. Instead of working with your CitNOW contact to get your individual dealer reports pulled together, you can now do this yourself and receive a single, overall summary faster than was previously possible.

The new report is available now in your CitNOW Dashboard. If you’d like any tips or advice on getting the most from your reporting functionality, feel free to get in touch with the CitNOW team at