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Sales Star of the Month – October 2023

Skoda Heritage Bristol – Adam Bryant

We love to see sales videos where it’s obvious that the person creating them has put time, care and effort into it. And that attention to detail is clear to see from October’s Sales Star of the Month, Adam Bryant of Skoda Heritage Bristol.

The video starts off with a polite and comprehensive opener, where Adam introduces himself, the car and the dealership’s offers, all while referencing the customer personally. He goes on to provide a complete overview of all the major interior and exterior features, including a demonstration of the electric tailgate, and showcasing key technologies like driving modes and seating configurations.

The video finishes with clear advice regarding deposit and reservation options, striking the right balance of pace, length and information, with Multipart stitching everything together.

Perhaps the last words on the success of Adam’s video should go to the Heritage group themselves: “This was by far the most seamless and professional video, outlining the Approved Programme as well as asking the customer to secure the car with a deposit. It’s also worth pointing out the great product knowledge from Adam – all the more impressive when he has only worked for Skoda for a few months.”

Great job Adam!