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Sales Star of the Month – November 2022

Cotswold Cheltenham BMW – Sam McMurtrie

We always like to see good use of the Multipart function, where sales staff bring different areas of detail together in a seamless, professional video. You can see a great example of this in practice from our Sales Star of the Month for November, Sam McMurtrie of Cotswold Cheltenham BMW.

The video starts well with a friendly intro, and the positioning of the vehicle outside clearly demonstrates that Sam has made preparation effort beforehand. The recording is engaging and easy to follow, and does an excellent job of focusing on the various features and optional extras on the car. It’s rounded off with a clear and informative call-to-action, with the customer knowing that they’ll receive more information as a follow-up.

Overall, the video is crisp, brings the car to life and breeds confidence in the customer that they’re in good hands. Well done, Sam!