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Sales Star of the Month – May 2022

Sytner Solihull BMW – Josh Mander

A good sales video is full of information that a customer can digest and get excited about. But a great one makes use of all the technology at the sales executive’s disposal to create a slick, professional recording that really engages the view. This month’s Sales Star of the Month, Josh Mander of Sytner Solihull BMW, has achieved just that.

He starts off by getting a colleague to record the intro of the video for him, ensuring he can put himself in the best possible position for a good shot in front of the car. While his walkaround is comprehensive – mentioning standard features and optional extras alike – he also uses Multipart within CitNOW to seamlessly move from one area to another. And his comparison of this electric model compared to its ICE-based siblings is both clear and full of insight.

His sign-off is also excellent, inviting the customer into the dealership for a test drive, so they can sample all the features themselves. Well done, Josh, for a video that walks the walk and talks the talk!