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Sales Star of the Month – July 2022

Cheltenham Audi – Sophie Gilson

As an increasing amount of purchase experiences become digitally-led, personalisation is key to holding a strong competitive advantage. Detailed sales videos paired with a personal delivery can act as a key contributor towards a customer’s purchasing decisions, and in some cases lead directly to a sale. This is exactly what our Sales Star of the Month for July, Sophie Gilson of Cheltenham Audi, has achieved.

From the outset of the video it’s clear that Sophie is well-prepared. She offers a great explanation of the advantages of purchasing through Audi, going into further depth on the added extras included as part of the package.

Sophie also provides a thorough overview of the vehicle’s condition in respect to its age, and adds an extra layer of personalisation by comparing it with the customer’s existing vehicle.

Her fantastic presentation of the vehicle’s key features leads on to a great sign-off, where she provides clarity on when she would follow-up with the customer. The success of this video is easy to see, as the customer subsequently purchased the vehicle. Well done, Sophie!